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Join us for Riverbed Disrupt, an exclusive event series across Europe, the Middle East and Africa designed to inspire new thinking, share best practices and customer success stories, examine trends, and explore breakthrough technologies disrupting the IT landscape in the cloud-first era.

Meet executives and customers from Riverbed Technology to share ideas, discover new approaches, and gain enterprise-wide insights aimed at spurring innovation, reducing costs, and boosting productivity at every level.

Riverbed Disrupt events will inspire professionals in their jobs, offer practical solutions to business-critical issues and provide a networking platform for professionals.

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The industry is going through one of the biggest transitions in its entire history — to digital, hybrid clouds, SaaS, mobility, and the Internet of Things. All of these technologies rely entirely upn network and application infrastructure.

Be part of the transformation: Don’t miss this opportunity to hear about the latest disruptive technologies driving the future of networking.

Event Calendar

Utrecht, Netherlands | 14th March 2017 Register Soon
Brussels, Belgium | 16th March 2017 Register Soon
Stockholm, Sweden | 2nd May 2017 Register Soon
Oslo, Norway | 4th May 2017 Register Soon
Warsaw, Poland | 11th May 2017 Register Soon
Bern, Switzerland | 17th May 2017 Register Soon
Frankfurt am Main, Germany | 1st June 2017 Register Soon

We're currently planning Disrupt events in the Middle East, please check back at a later date.

We're currently planning Disrupt events in Africa, please check back at a later date.


Stockholm, Sweden - April 21, 2016

“Overall the deployment was easy and we had great support from Riverbed.”

Johan Jartelius, CIO, ROXTEC

Riverbed CTO Hansang Bae Presenting Fast, Agile and Secure Application Delivery

Brussels, Belgium - March 3, 2016

“Steelcentral improved network performance thru acceleration.”


Utrecht, the Netherlands - March 2, 2016

“We've gained at least sixty to seventy per cent in time relating to root cause analysis activities.”

Frank Keessen, IT Director, Mazars

Riverbed Paul Griffiths walking the audience through the cloud

Warsaw, Poland - March 1, 2016

“Installation of a new wan is a open door for new ideas!”

Michal Cieplak, Director of Worldwide IT Operations and Engineering, Esselte

Delicious branding at Kopernicus Science Center

About Riverbed

Riverbed makes applications, websites, networks, data centres, the cloud, and remote offices work better. We bring the promise of digital transformation to life.

A storied company with a long legacy of market leadership, Riverbed pioneered WAN optimisation. Since then we’ve expanded our solutions for the software-defined era. We’re at the centre of hybrid networking, the cloud, SD-WAN, SaaS, mobile, big data, and infrastructure visibility.

In short, we’re building a software-defined architecture for digital business.

The world’s largest enterprises rely on Riverbed including 98% of the Forbes Global 100 and 91% of the Forbes Global 500.


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